Fruit of the Womb
Fruit of the Womb

Grand Rounds 4.39 at Marianas Eye

Thanks to Dr. David Khorram at Marianas Eye for hosting and all the effort put into this week's Grand Rounds 4.39. The variety, breadth, and presentation of the offerings (not to mention the great photos at the bottom of the page) make a quick trip to his "island in the South Pacific" a very worthwhile investment in time.

Special appreciation, too, for the link to my recent post on "Asherman's Syndrome." As Dr. Khorram summarizes in the reference to my post, Asherman's syndrome is a condition related to scarring of the intrauterine cavity, usually as the result of a failed pregnancy and a D&C in the presence of infection, or another intrauterine surgical procedure, that can result in light (hypomenorrhea) or absent menstrual periods (amenorrhea), infertility, and recurrent pregnancy loss as well as other pregnancy complications. It is more common than most women realize and should be discussed as part of informed consent counseling with any woman prior to any intrauterine procedure. In a subsequent post, we continue the discussion of Asherman's syndrome with regard to diagnosis, treatment, and prevention. Thanks for reading and hope you enjoy!
Dr T
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