Fruit of the Womb
Fruit of the Womb

Go Get Your Darn Flu Shots!!!!

Sorry, but I haven’t been online in awhile. My last full post seems to have taken an awful lot out of me for some reason. Maybe it was because I had been on call for most of the 3 weeks preceding the events detailed in that story. Then again, I am probably just turning into a real wussy in my old age.

On top of that, I have spent most of the last 3 days worrying about my 9 year old daughter who has had a persistent fever as high as 104.5 degrees F. Her pediatrician tells us that Keegan has the first documented case of the flu seen in their office this year. She has all the typical aches and pains, an aggravating dry cough, and has not been able to hold anything down long enough for the medications she has been given to work. The vomiting has been more a function of the congestion and the low “vomit threshold” she has had since the day she was born. I have been worried sick about her because she has asthma, the residual of having been born at 34 weeks’ herself, and is at increased risk for superimposed bacterial pneumonia. Sometimes a little knowledge about medicine can create a lot of anxiety.

Anyway, please pardon the paucity of my posts so far this week. I can promise you that I have been putting together some good things for the very near future. And, if any of you have ideas for topics you would like to see addressed, please leave a comment to that effect.

By the way, the main reason I wanted to mention my daughter today is to remind ALL you pregnant women out there that it’s not too late to get your flu shot. I got my shot 3 weeks ago (hope they got the strains right this year) and am very glad now that I did. You guys (sorry folks, I was brought up in NJ) are at the same (if not greater) risk for complications as my daughter. And, I don’t need to be worrying about all of you too! Besides, there are no extra beds on my ‘High Risk’ floor this week.
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