Fruit of the Womb
Fruit of the Womb

Blogger Problems!?!

Just a quick note to all my readers...I know many of you have tried to leave comments and would like my responses, but there apparently are some 'blogger problems' that are beyond my control and as yet unresolved. I do not have the opportunity to preview and select what appears in the 'Comments' sections of my posts. Once you submit a comment, it is screened by someone at Healthline and then forwarded to me. Once I answer it, both the comment and my response appear under the post at which the original comment was left. None of the comment threads are closed, so you can leave a question or response under ANY of the posts you read and, theoretically, it will get to me. It is then YOUR responsibility to remember where you left it if you want to see my response!

Unfortunately, not only have there been problems getting your comments to me, but when they do arrive in my box, they are not always in a format to which I can then respond. I imagine ALL the comments you have left are in cyberspace somewhere and will probably appear in my mailbox at some time in the near future and all at once. Please do not leave the same comment repeatedly or under several different posts since blogger is already constipated and I don't want him/her to explode.

Thanks for your indulgence and patience. I promise to get back to you soon with a series of new posts. I think we finally have a shot at getting a new Chair of our department in the near future and that would relieve me of my administrative distractions! It has been a VERY long year for me and I am looking forward to getting back to the things I enjoy doing the most - especially you guys!
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