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The Waiting Game: Loving the Place You are In

Have you ever felt like if you just had new carpet you'd be fully happy? Or maybe it's a new couch, curtains or a bedspread. A bigger kitchen with more natural light perhaps. The truth is, even if we were to have a new house it wouldn't mean we would be happier really. Yes, there would be moments of joy and excitement, but whatever is truly making you unhappy is going to follow you. Unless of course it's just your carpet.

During pregnancy we have moments when we just want to be in a different place. With all the many changes in our bodies and our lives, it may prove to be difficult at times to deal with pregnancy. In the last trimester, and especially the last month, we may find ourselves wishing for it to be over and for the baby to be in our arms. It may be that we are anxious to meet our baby(s) or that we are uncomfortable in our now swollen and bountiful bodies. There are many fears about the pending birth that may have us anxious to just get this baby out now.

Each pregnancy is so different and has many factors contributing to why a mama may feel this way. As the due date approaches the eagerness for labor to begin may take precedence over allowing things to happen naturally. While this is one of the most exciting moments of your life, you might want to slow down and not rush the process.

If you are having a lot of anxiety or fear around the birth, talk to your midwife, doctor or doula for advice and support. You may find that talking with a therapist is worthwhile as well. We can drive ourselves crazy and even feel sick with all the things there are to worry about. But remember, our body takes on that stress and baby does, too. Use affirmations to stay positive and remind yourself this is a temporary stage of this journey.

Find ways to relax and enjoy the process. Take a warm bath in a candle lit room with calming lavender essential oil in the water. Drink chamomile tea to aide in relaxation or peppermint to energize. Get out in nature for a nice walk or a low key hike. Going for a swim can reduce a lot of soreness in the body and help to relax you as well as bring you more energy. Take a no guilt nap -- getting lots of rest toward the end is essential. Read that book or two that you have been wanting to. You may not have much time for that soon.

Make a list of things you have wanted to get done or things you want to experience before baby arrives and tackle the list with some friends as well as your partner. Finding ways to clear space in your home and mind will allow joy in and move impatience and clutter out. Why not try writing a journal to your baby? What a special thing for baby to have later in life.

Whatever it is you choose to do to help you relax and enjoy the last moments of being pregnant, do it regularly. Find ways to get in pampering and joy daily. Remember your body will be more ready for baby to make her/his way out the more relaxed you are. Don't busy yourself with schemes for starting labor sooner than your body and baby are ready for. Trust the process, your body, and baby.


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