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From Womb to World
From Womb to World

Kristy provides support for pregnant and laboring mothers and for transitioning families after the birth of their baby.

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Taking a Break from Technology

I was recently back east enjoying summer vacation with family. Spending time with my nieces and nephews was beginning to make me feel as if I was no longer a cool aunt -- it seemed that I wasn't computer savvy or technologically clued in enough. The fact that I don’t have a Facebook account and don't know what tumblr is was appalling to them. My niece even made me open up a Twitter account. (I still am unsure how to use it.) I tried explaining to them that as a mother of three young boys, one of which is a baby, I barely have time to pee by myself or take a shower where I can actually shave my legs and condition my hair. Most days I am lucky to get out of my yoga clothes and into a real outfit. That’s just the phase I am in. Having a baby and two young boys is very time consuming, however rewarding and lovely.

Do we seem to have less time these days? Possibly, but maybe we just need to organize it better. When it comes to measuring out time, I am finding that I’d rather spend my time playing with my kids than checking email. I prefer going hiking with them over watching a TV show with them. I indulge in the moments full of belly laughs and drawn out giggles brought on by their silly spirits instead of searching the web for videos that make us laugh. I used to be more of a picture taker. I love reviewing our history by looking through mounds of pictures. Lately I find myself being present in the moment more fully and enjoying them wholly without having to break to take so many pictures.

There are so many things now-a-days to bring us out of the moments of our lives. So many things to distract us or busy us in our already busy lives.  Why are we so consumed with letting everyone know what is happening at all times or where we are or who we are with? Do we really need to know what is happening with everyone else constantly or want everyone to know everything about us?

I don’t find enough time as it is to be able to fully foster the relationships in my life. One of my goals that I am revisiting is to get back to letter writing and to have my kids join in by writing letters to family and friends as well. What a joy to receive a letter in the mail verses an email, text or tweet. Yes these things have their place and can be great at times. There are several good reasons to partake in them. But couldn’t we all benefit from taking a short vacation from all of the business and technology for a while?

Do we always need to be connected? What about the human connections up close and personal? Is that being replaced? Think of what all this says to our children as well. Can we spend time purely with our children without checking our phones, talking on them, tweeting, emailing and texting from them?

I grew up spending most of my time outside; in the pool, down by the creek, in the woods, at the lake, at the park and around the neighborhood. Don’t get me wrong; we had our fill of TV, but my two sisters, my brother and myself were definitely nature kids. Still are. My children are too. If there is water to get into they are in it. Same goes for dirt. They love finding bugs, and exploring just about any bit of nature they can find. Gardening has become a family affair that we love . Now is the time to indulge in their childhood and embrace the time we have together by more fully enjoying it with all of our senses.  

My summer being unplugged was liberating. I’ll take a day playing in the water and adventure-seeking with my boys any day over any of the fulfillment that may come from technology. How about you?

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Tags: Finding Balance

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