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Eating for Two During Pregnancy

I'm sure almost every one of us who has been pregnant has taken the liberty to eat something that we normally wouldn't while not pregnant, or we have eaten much larger amounts while pregnant even if we weren't that hungry. We tend to over indulge because we have been told so often that during pregnancy we are eating for two. And let's face it, all the activity of creating a baby inside can make us quite hungry. However, there may also be times when we are feeding ourselves emotionally as we deal with all the hormonal effects on our bodies and just the many changes we are going through.

So when foraging your way through pregnancy, find ways to feed yourself with healthy, nutritious food. Make sure your emotional and psychological needs are being met. We need to nourish our entire being more than ever. Picking quality food is just as important as picking a good yoga class and midwife or doctor.

The importance of your diet during pregnancy cannot be underestimated - it is essential for your healthy baby. Creating a healthy baby and being able to function well throughout your day takes a lot of work. Pregnancy brings on fatigue and other symptoms that demand attention and nurturing.

Prenatal vitamins taken throughout your pregnancy give you a good start! My favorite is New Chapter's The Perfect Prenatal. Yet remember it is vital that you focus on the best prenatal nutrition possible as a whole. Good food gives you energy, strength, and clarity for making decisions (and remembering what it is that you just walked into the other room for) and an optimally functioning body.

You don't need to stuff yourself with food but you do need to eat enough to grow a baby, nourish yourself, and replace cells, fluids, and blood for yourself and your child daily. It's possible even if you're suffering from "morning" sickness. Just start with basics and add on what is doable from there. Some days you may need to accept that you will have to do what is easiest, but that doesn’t mean you have to make poor choices or eat empty calories or fried fast food. Even fast food joints have salads and yogurt.

During pregnancy you want to make sure you get balanced nutrition that helps you and baby stay healthy and strong. Of course it is possible to enjoy a healthy pregnancy with a vegetarian and vegan diet. Remember that protein comes in many sources. With digestion being compromised during pregnancy, it's easier to digest protein from non animal sources so be sure to get in a good variety. 

All pregnancy diets deserve your careful planning and attention. Talk to a nutritionist or holistic practitioner trained in nutrition to help find the right diet for you and your growing baby. Try and relax your concerns around pregnancy weight gain. You want to give your baby the best start. Do so by enjoying your food, relaxing at meal times and snack times and setting an intention each day to eat mindfully with lots of healthy, whole foods.

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