Winston Man Landers dies of smoking-caused cancer

Alan Landers, who became famous as a model in advertisements for Winston cigarettes, died of complications of cancer of the larynx on February 27th, after surviving lung cancer and heart disease that he also attributed to his previous heavy smoking.

Alan Landers, though once a promoter of cigarettes, then became an anti-tobacco advocate and in 1995 he sued the tobacco industry for his smoking-caused illnesses. His case was due to be heard in court in April, but like so many in that situation, he passed away before his case could be decided.

Click here for his obituary in the New York Times:
You can learn more about his life and anti-tobacco work at his website:
Of course Alan Landers is one of many who starred in advertisements for cigarettes but who subsequently contracted or died from smoking caused diseases, including at least one Marlboro man.

His death serves as a reminder that although cigarettes have been portrayed as a glamorous life-style choice, in reality they are a deadly addiction.
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