UK National Smoking Cessation Conference

Probably the best conference on smoking cessation over recent years has been the UK National Smoking Cessation Conference. The UK is probably the only country to have a national and fairly comprehensive smoking cessation service involving widespread access to trained smoking cessation counselors, access to low cost smoking cessation medicines (via the UKs National Health Service), as well as telephone and internet help. As a result, this conference is the largest gathering of smoking cessation counselors in the world, and also attracts many attendees and speakers from other countries.

It consistently has very lively speakers and many of the presentations are available online with the full slides and audio recording. The 2008 conference just became available online and includes many interesting presentations. For example, an interesting slide show by Rachna Kasliwal describing results of a study of adverse events in patients using Chantix is available at:

An interesting debate on the topic;
“Debate: This house believes that hypnotherapy and acupuncture should be treatments provided by NHS Smoking Services” is also available with full audio and slides at:

I also thought the presentation by Dr Paul Eveyard on “Does stopping smoking mean putting on weight?” was very interesting. The audio recording and his slides are available at:

The full archive of each conference from 2005-2008 is now available online at:

It provides an excellent source of information from leading experts on all aspects of stopping smoking.
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