Ten Tips On Coping With Tobacco Withdrawal Symptoms

Weight Gain:
1. Keep lots of healthy, low calorie food handy to munch on.
2. Plan a structured increase in exercise as part of a healthier lifestyle.
3. Don’t buy any larger sized clothes!

Bad Moods
4. Warn friends, family and work colleagues that you are quitting and that you might be a bit short tempered.
5. Arrange to keep yourself busy doing relatively fun things during the first few weeks in order to cheer you up and have something to look forward to instead of the next smoke.
6. Remember, you are not going to feel irritable and miserable forever. After a month your mood and stress levels will be back to normal and may in fact continue improving so that you feel less stressed than you did as a smoker.

7. The first couple of weeks after quitting are a good time to plan to do odd jobs around the house, gardening, spring cleaning etc. This kind of activity helps keep both your mind and hands busy when they need to be.

8. Remember, each period of craving typically lasts less than a minute. Get your mind occupied with other things as quickly as possible.
9. Change your routines as much as possible so that the points in the routine when you would have usually had a cigarette are not so obvious.
10. Wherever possible avoid “high risk” situations where tobacco is freely available. Seeing others smoke often triggers craving.
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