Quit smoking in 2010? Yes you can

Most current smokers have already tried to quit on previous occasions. Some may have resigned themselves to continued smoking because of repeated unsuccessful attempts. Others may still be putting off a quit attempt because “its not the right time”.

My advice is to disregard these excuses and to get yourself ready to make a successful quit attempt at the start of 2010. There really is no better time than the present to quit smoking, and just because you may have tried before has very little bearing on your chances of success the next time. The key thing is making up your mind to quit, and sticking with it, no matter how tough it may seem at times.

As I’ve discussed in previous blog posts, there are many things you can do to make your quit attempt much more likely to be successful. Call the national quitline, log in to one of the excellent smoking cessation websites and use one (or more) of the smoking cessation medicines that have been shown to work. You can get more detailed information on each of these aspects by using the appropriate keyword together with the word “smoking” in the “Search Health Experts” search box on the right.

Although we talk about smoking as an addiction, and there are any pieces of advice floating around, I also think it is important not to overcomplicate it. When you boil it down, it comes down to (a) making the decision about what day you will quit and (b) not putting a cigarette in your mouth from that day onwards. I’m not trying to pretend that it is easy for everyone, but it is worth reminding yourself that it needn’t be complicated.

For those who have been discouraged after previous quit attempts, it is also worth bearing in mind that the environment has never been better for quitting smoking. Smoke-free air laws are restricting the situations in which smoking is allowed, the proportion of people who smoke is down to around one in five, and cigarettes have never been as expensive. So if you are wondering if you can really quit in 2010, yes you can!
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Dr. Jonathan Foulds is an expert in the field of tobacco addiction.