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I’ve previously reviewed some quit smoking books and will continue to review any new ones that come to my attention. The most recent one I’ve seen is an updated version of the book Quit Smart by Dr Robert Shipley who is the director of the Duke Stop Smoking Clinic.

This handy 93-page book is the latest update of a stop smoking method originally published in 1997. The new book has been updated to include the latest medications and evidence, but there are a few characteristics of the Quit Smart method that make it a little different from most others.

The Quit Smart method is truly “multimodal” in that it combines what Dr Shipley feels are the best parts of numerous individual methods into a multi-component treatment. It is designed to be combined with the appropriate FDA-approved pharmacotherapies, it involves using a quit pack including a CD to assist with hypnosis-assisted relaxation, a fake cigarette to help manage the habit component, a caffeine reduction component, and solid advice on managing withdrawal symptoms, weight gain and preventing relapse.

Perhaps the most controversial part of the Quit Smart program is its advice to reduce nicotine intake over a few weeks by switching to low-nicotine cigarettes (a procedure you contrasts with “cold turkey” by calling it “warm chicken” quitting!). This is probably the part of the book that I am least keen on, but at worst it is unlikely to do any harm and at best it may (as Dr Shipley believes), help people quit by loosening the association between smoking and satisfaction, prior to their quit attempt.

Overall, this book contains a lot of good advice, and is very readable and user friendly. Although Dr Shipley believes that using the total program is most effective, the book also lends itself to readers picking the components that they feel would suit them best.

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