Making comments on “Freedom from Smoking”. | Freedom From Smoking

Making comments on “Freedom from Smoking”.

As you may have noticed, like most blogs, the “Health Expert” blogs on Healthline provide the opportunity for readers to comment. I stated on my first post that I’d prefer this blog “to be a place where readers can ask questions, get answers, dialogue and share experiences, rather than just read what I have to say. So please feel free to post a reply, comment or just ask a question.”

When you make a comment on a blog posting (which you can do anonymously) it is sent electronically to a Healthline staff member and is also copied to me before it appears online. A little while ago I realized I hadn’t received any comments recently, and then suddenly received a barrage (over 25) all at once. I then noticed that most of them hadn’t been posted on the site (and still havn’t), but that some that were sent more recently had appeared online. Confused? Me too.

So what all this suggested is that the site is currently experiencing a few glitches with posting readers’ comments (outside of my control). So what I’m going to suggest is that readers continue to make comments (I believe they will be posted soon), and if I see ones that ask a question I think I can answer, I’ll do so directly in a blog, rather than wait for it to appear as a comment. My next post (on combining varenicline and bupropion) will be one of those “comment response” posts.
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