Its Great American Smokeout

Tomorrow (November 15th, 2007) is the Great American Smokeout 2007 – a day on which smokers across the country are encouraged to try to go the whole day without using any tobacco - and then to consider staying that way.

There is usually a reasonable amount of media activity encouraging people to quit smoking and there is a national peak in quit attempts on this day. It is therefore an excellent day for smokers who have been contemplating quitting to have a go. If you are a regular reader of this blog, you’ll know that we’ve previously given a lot of advice on methods for stopping smoking. Some of the links are provided here to help you recap:

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The American cancer Society Website for Great American Smokeout is also worth a visit at:

I’d like to encourage all smokers out there to really have a go at lasting the whole of tomorrow without a smoke, whether you use a smoking cessation aid or not. Then if you can do it for one day, why not another?
I’d also love to hear from those who are going to try, what method you used, and how it went. Feel free to post your stories on this site for others to learn from. Best of luck.
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