Have a happy, healthy holiday

I’d like to take this opportunity to wish everyone at Healthline and all the readers out there in cyberspace, a happy, healthy holiday season. It is about this time of year that people often reflect on the year gone past and start thinking of plans or “resolutions” for the year ahead. So my posts over the next few weeks will focus on quitting smoking for the new year. The holiday season has potential for relapse (sometimes linked to the stresses associated with large family gatherings!), but more so the potential for renewed quit attempts on January 1 and in the month thereafter. This is also a time of year when people tend to overeat more and drink more alcohol. Unfortunately the happy holiday news stories are frequently interspersed with tragedy. Lets try to avoid some of the preventable tragedies by ensuring that we and our family members do not drink and drive, are careful in the way we place and dispose of candles and lit cigarettes (common causes of fires this time of year) and generally don’t overdo it when it comes to food and drink! Most of all, lets try to appreciate and enjoy time spent celebrating with family and friends, and preparing new year resolutions that will ensure we can enjoy many more.
Have a great one.
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