Happy Holidays

I’d like to wish everyone good health and a merry time this holiday season.
This is often a time to overindulge with good food and drink (at least it is for me), quickly followed by a period of thinking about what we’d like to change for the better in the year ahead. Here in the States I think there is a strong sense that some changes are required, together with a new positive belief that we can.
I hope some of that positive spirit can carry over into people’s plans to quit smoking, and I hope this blog might provide some useful information, and your comments some inspiration for others to succeed.
But for now I’d like to leave you with a photo of my favorite Christmas tree here in New Jersey. Funnily enough its not in some big city center, but is at a mobile home park (I guess what we usually call a trailer park) right on route 1 in Monmouth Juntion. It is very big and totally covered in bright lights. If you are ever driving through this part of New Jersey in December its worth stopping off for a look.
Have a great one.

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