Good Bye to Mr. Cigarette

Hey Everyone! It's Carrie here. I know...long time no blog. As you can read, we've had a bit of a switcheroo with Freedom from Smoking. Dr. and Mrs. Kleinman's practice is flooded with victims escaping the storm of smoke. So as chance would have it, a blessing comes in the disguise of a slight inconvenience. We're lucky to have Dr. Foulds join the group of Healthline experts. I would say he's hit the ground running at a pace that just may leave this blog smokin'. Tee, hee, hee...

But seriously, folks, lungs are no laughing matter and neither are lip wrinkles caused from puckering up to Mr. Cigarette. Mrs. Kleinman had to quit on helping me quit. So the original idea of setting Valentine's Day as my quit date was pushed back -- for tomorrow night! Mrs. Kleinman suggested that I join a quit smoking group, so I'm attending my first class tomorrow at the Tobacco Education Center at UCSF. For the next 4 Tuesdays I will be attending their group program. I think this will make for some interesting story telling, to say the least. I can't wait to see who will be in the class. This is like the first day of school.

Anyway, I'll be filling you in on what it's like to quit with a group program and what I've learned. Hopefully there will be some extroverts in the class who will be willing to share their smoking stories and their pain of quitting, as well.

Alas, tonight is my last with Mr. Cigarette. I will be breaking his heart. I'll cry as he insists on staying in my life, but I'll just have to throw him out like yesterday's trash. Stay tuned, mes amis, for more on ways to make it through the grieving process.

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