Does Exercise Help You Quit?

We all know we should exercise regularly, but is there proof that it will help us quit smoking? Based on a study out of Austria, the answer is yes.

This study found that if you use nicotine gum or patches you are more likely to stay tobacco free if you also did regular exercise. They took 68 volunteers and monitored them for three months. Half of them did regular exercise while the other half didn't. All of them received nicotine replacement therapy.

The results were that 80% of those who exercised were still not smoking at the end of the three months, compared to just 52% of those who didn't exercise. The researchers also discovered that the exercisers who failed to stay off tobacco smoked less than the non-exercisers who went back to smoking.

From our personal experiences, exercising is part of a healthier lifestyle that people who are quitting get into. Quitting seems to trickle down into your entire day and feeling like getting some exercise is part of that. It doesn't have to be something you don't enjoy doing. Just choosing something fun that gets you moving is all it takes.

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Dr. Jonathan Foulds is an expert in the field of tobacco addiction.