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I just noticed that I recently posted my 200 article on Healthline since starting in February 2007, and so thought it was time to review and ask readers for feedback.

One thing that I personally find a little frustrating is the lack of a user-friendly way to find posts by topic. However, if you ever want to do this, the little “Search Health Experts” icon on the right hand side is pretty useful. It enables you to combine two or more search terms to find a more specific type of article.

For a list of dates and titles of posts, I recommend you check out my post on March 2nd:

Im also unsure why some of my hyperlinks frequently are not “live.” But hopefully its not too difficult to cut and paste these to your browser to view links.

Looking over the past 2 years’ posts it is striking that some articles received a lot of reader comments (e.g. some have over 100) while most (including some quite similar ones) have no comments. Presumably some simply cover a more interesting topic for readers. But my guess is that when readers see an article without comments they are either unaware that they can comment/ask a question or don’t want to be the first. So I’m going to renew my initial statement encouraging readers to submit their own comments or questions. Reader comments about their own experiences are sometimes particularly helpful in letting others know that their experience or problem is not unique. I cannot promise to answer every single comment in a day or two, (now that readers are commenting on over 200 posts) but I will try and I also encourage other readers to feel free to submit their own comment in response to others’.

It seems that a few topics stimulated much more reader comment than most others. Varenicline (Chantix), and concerns about its side effects appears to have stimulated most interest. But there has been lively discussion on quitting smoking and depression, and people’s experiences of nicotine withdrawal symptoms also.

Links to some of these pasts are below:

What is nicotine withdrawal syndrome? 3/6/07

Chantix: how does this new stop smoking medicine work? 4/15/07

Can quitting smoking trigger depression? 6/16/07

If you have any specific topics or questions you would like to have addressed on this forum, feel free to suggest it as a comment on a prior article.
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