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World Vegan Day is November 1

November 1 is World Vegan Day, and all of November is celebrated as Vegan month.

Vegans are vegetarians who don't eat, and often don't wear, any products from animals. The idea is no more unusual than not wanting to hurt, wear, or eat your pets. Vegan living can be healthier, and vegan diet can fuel both endurance and strength athletes.

Vegans and vegetarians have been found to have lower body fat on average than non-vegetarians, and lower risk of diabetes. A new study by The World Cancer Research Fund making big news as "a landmark study" found that keeping slim is one of the best ways of preventing cancer, and that evidence is stronger than previously realized that eating meat, and processed meats such as ham and bacon, increase risk of colorectal cancer. The report makes 10 recommendations including getting exercise every day, drinking water rather than sugary drinks, and eating fruit, vegetables, and fiber. There is no fiber in meat, dairy, or eggs. Vegan meals can provide enough calcium to prevent osteoporosis. See Exercise is More Important Than Calcium Supplements for Bones and Stomach Acid Drugs Increase Osteoporosis and Hip Fractures.

Vegans may promote farm sanctuaries and work for better ways than vivisection (hurtful testing on animals). The argument isn't if you prefer that a child not get needed medicine rather than test on an animal, the quest is for neither to suffer, and find smarter, healthier ways for all. Significant examples exist of tests based on animal physiology that were ineffective or injurious when applied to humans in need.

Vegan bodybuilder Kenneth G. Williams is pictured above and at right. His web site is

In the tradition of fighting monks, Chris Price is a vegan Muay Thai and mixed martial arts fighter. His web site is

Resources: for information about health, ahimsa, a celebration in New York City at Candle 79 Café Saturday Nov 17, and fun events including cooking classes across the U.S.

Recipes: has a nice summary of healthy vegan diet choices on their nutrition link.

Post link:
World Vegetarian Day October 1.

Helpful Book:
Healthy Martial Arts - Healthier training for all sports, featuring vegetarian and vegan athletes. Chapters on strength, endurance, speed, balance, nutrition, performance enhancement, injuries, building the spirit and the mind.

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