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Winner - Contest to Name The Illustration

Reader Paul J has been named Winner of the contest to name the figure who illustrates many of my books, articles in Fitness Fixer, web site articles, and Academy teaching materials.

The comic figure who educates about healthy movement continues from one I had an artist design for me. The artist moved away and could no longer work for me. I am no artist, and had to learn to draw him - not great like the original artist's, but what I could figure out for myself.

When I hired the talented young medical graphics artist, I told him I envisioned an image that was not man or woman, not black or white, not young or old, but everyone. He drew me a white guy, with a big western nose. Still it was a funny warm character that people say they can identify with as he figures out life.

Runner-up was reader JayaKrishna who gave him the name, Dr. Goodback. I like that, and that remains his formal professional name. The rest of the time, thanks to Paul J, his name is Backman!

When you see Fitness Fixer posts with this character, you should see the trademark symbol and his copyrighted name.

The name also reminded me of a SuperHero name. I wrote to thank Paul J, saying "I am BACKman! POW! splat! take that Joker!"

He wrote back, "Do you mean Jock-err...the steroid using muscle man that does bad bending?"

wins again with functional exercise.

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Drawing of Backman!™ © copyright Dr. Jolie Bookspan
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