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Valentine Partner Pushups

Exercising in social ways is healthy. Valentine's Day is this week. This week I will post several ideas for fun active partner exercise. Start with this version of partner pushups, then have fun making up your own.

Pushups give full body physical benefit when done with neutral spine. Here are two posts that explain how to tell neutral spine while holding a pushup position and how to correct an overarching lower back (hyperlordosis) to neutral spine:

This post has instructions with an mpeg movie demonstrating the fix to neutral spine:

This post shows a technique to learn how to prevent compressing your wrists, and better use of hand and arm muscles:

Here are links to last year's Valentines partner exercises:

Why make Valentine's Day only one day? Stay active with good people through the year for the health that positive social interaction brings.

Valentine pushup photo 1 by deafmute
Valentine pushup photo 2 by deafmute

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