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Valentine Family Exercise

Valentines Day is for everyone, not just couples. It is healthy to have active fun with family and friends too.

Monday's post Valentine Partner Pushups gives a fun partner exercise idea. Here are more variations for active fun with children and friends of many ages.

Babies and children love to move. They can hold their body weight. Get them started early. Don't let them lose this strength by making them sit still and eat. Get up from the table and play. That is Valentines Day love.

Try these with friends

This man is doing a partner handstand with his young daughter. It is a lot of good exercise and balance for both:

I will cover how to do this partner handstand in a future post. Send in your own photos of fun exercise with family and friends.

Family 1 photo by salomon888
Family 2 photo by QFamily
Family 3 photo by mslaura
Baby pushup photo1 by paxye
Baby pushup photo 2 by Garrion88
Friend on back pushup photo by p-duke
Pushup group photo by heymarchetti
Pushup partner handstand photo by salomon888
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