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Thank You To Readers - Simple Gifts

Several readers have e-mailed me saying they have stopped long-standing pain and gotten fitter than from their gym programs by using Fitness Fixer posts. They say they can now exercise where before they were held down by pain and medical treatment. Now they have mobility and fun and hope. Thank you all for being brave and empowered to try.

One reader read the earlier blog post An Exercise in Helping People Get Healthy about the blind woman in Madison Wisconsin who just wanted some fruit and vegetables but there was no public transport to the market, only a bus to the store that sells junk food.

The kind reader, asking to remain anonymous, did a Google search to find a Madison neighborhood association with volunteers from the Regent Market Co-op who will shop and deliver a food order at no extra charge. She e-mailed the information to me and said, "I hope she'll be feeling better soon. Fresh fruits and vegetables may help with that!"

I thank this brave reader for the link to people who will be there, above just a package. We have found that the box of food that we bought here and shipped to her, delivered a week ago Friday, has sat unopened in our friend's house. She has been too sick to open it. This reader may be the one to save this lady's life. The reader replied, "It was a very simple thing for me to do."

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