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Thank You LaikaSpoetnik Grand Rounds From The Netherlands

Thank you Jacqueline for hosting Grand Rounds Vol. 6 No. 2 this week on the LaikaSpoetnik MedLibLog and including my article Fast Fitness - Stretch For Menstrual Cramps - a quick stretching technique to ease symptoms of menstrual and other uterine cramps. On the web, Grand Rounds is a collection of the best on-line medical posts from the week. Who Is Laika?

Laika, in 1957, became the first animal launch...

Jacqueline is an information specialist in the Netherlands. She chose the blog name "LaikaSpoetnik" as a pseudonym because she thought of starting her blog as "a kind of an pioneering experiment." Laika is a Russian word for someone who howls or barks. The first dog to orbit the earth was renamed Laika (originally Kudryavka- "Little one with curly hair" and other names). Laika, pictured at right, flew in Spoetnik II (Dutch spelling of 'Sputnik'). Laika died soon after launch, in 1957.

Laika was not the first astro-dog. Several flew previous suborbital missions for the Soviet Union. In 1961, Nikita Khrushchev gave one of the puppies of Soviet space dog Strelka ("arrow") to Caroline Kennedy, young daughter of then U.S. President John F. Kennedy. That doggie had a cold war romance with a Kennedy dog. More puppies.

A different Grand Rounds host works hard each week to find and list the articles. This is different from the Grand Rounds in a hospital, which is a lecture for doctors about a patient or topic. Jacqueline went to much extra work for this Grand Rounds. I thank her. Here is her photo of the results:


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Space dog Laika photo via Wikipedia
Funny photo of the work of Grand Rounds - Another Dead Librarian by Doug! librarygeek- 741879088
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