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Thank You Grand Rounds Vol. 5.47 - Cost Containment In Healthcare

On the web, "Grand Rounds" is a list complied each week of the "best in medical writing of the week." This week, DrRich of covertrationingblog chose the theme of reforming health care costs, and included my post How Effective Are Medical Treatments For Back Pain?

DrRich writes:
"Jolie Bookspan of the Fitness Fixer cites a new study showing that few if any of the myriad of medical treatments commonly used for treating low back pain offer any substantial or long-lasting benefits. Dr. Bookspan points out that a more effective method of treating low back pain might be to retrain patients to move in healthier ways, to prevent continued re-damage. This seems like good advice to DrRich, whose unhealthy career choice (which involved wearing heavy lead shields while standing in place and bending at the waist for up to 12 hours at a time) led him to sample many of these ineffective (and expensive) treatment options himself. He was cured only when he chose to move in healthier ways - by changing careers."

DrRich (Richard N. Fogoros, MD) is a former professor of medicine who spent over 20 years as a full-time clinical cardiologist. I thank him for being among the medical professional who recognize that you can make movement healthy and fix the damage instead of adding unhealthy medical treatments to an injury.

My post on effectiveness of various medical treatments for back pain includes a direct approach to continue activities you love. You don't need to reduce activity you love. Recognize damaging body mechanics, and fix damage without surgeries, injections, or drugs though changing all the movement of your regular day at work and for sport into healthy good body mechanics

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