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The Fitness Fixer

Thank You Grand Rounds Nutrition and Fitness Edition

Thank you Dave Munger, of "The Daily Monthly" for hosting Grand Rounds this week and including my article What is "Fitness as a Lifestyle?" in his choices for best medical writing. He mentions that my entire Fitness Fixer is devoted to healthy ways to be fit. Thank you Mr. Munger.

My work changes the notion that exercise is different from your life. If you have to stop your life to "go do" exercise, that is not exerecise as a lifestyle. How you live, sit, move and eat is your fitness as a lifestyle. Click What is "Fitness as a Lifestyle?" to get started.

On the web, Grand Rounds is a collection of the best on-line medical posts from the past week. A different host works hard each week to find and list the articles. This is different from the Grand Rounds in a hospital, which is a lecture for doctors about a patient or topic. Thank you to this week's host for doing the hard work of collecting and featuring our information.

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