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Thank You Grand Rounds M.D.O.D.

Thank you M.D.O.D. for hosting Grand Rounds and including my post Living Under The Sea among the best medical posts of the week.

In a hospital, Grand Rounds is a lecture for doctors about a patient or topic. On the web, Grand Rounds is a weekly list of the best on-line medical writing.

The M.D.O.D. guys were first time hosts and did a great job. In the post descriptions, they wrote,

"… nice post about living under the sea. Really. During her studies in extreme human physiology she actually worked in a lab tethered to the bottom of the sea. I always wanted one of these... it rated much higher than having a tree house when I was a kid. Never did get to do it though. Lots of good links here regarding how the human body responds at extremes and even some fun stuff to do with your kids to introduce them to scientific concepts and the scientific method."

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