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Thank You Grand Rounds 5.50, Medicine & Technology

Thank you to Dr. Kim for hosting Grand Rounds this week on his blog Medicine & Technology and including my article Common, Missed Cause of MusculoSkeletal Pain - Your Drugs.

This is nice because three previous Grand Rounds rejected this article, even though their themes included health care reform and medical safety.

Dr. Kim wrote, "The Fitness Fixer talks about some common medications that may cause musculoskeletal pain (and you just thought you were getting old)."

He makes a common caution, "Don't ever stop taking any pills before you get a chance to speak with your healthcare provider." Why is this? Several prescription drugs not only can produce unwanted effects when you take them, but when you stop - causing withdrawal, rebound of the original problem, or changes in body chemistry or function.

Check better ways before turning only to prescriptions. Learn ways to make your life healthier to avoid needing them.

On the web, Grand Rounds is a collection of the best on-line medical posts from the past week. A different host works hard each week to find and list the articles. This is different from the Grand Rounds in a hospital, which is a lecture for doctors about a patient or topic.

Thank you to this week's host for doing the hard work of collecting and featuring our posts.

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