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Thank You Grand Rounds 4.37

Thank you Happy Hospitalist for hosting Grand Rounds 4.37 this week and for including my post Indiana Jones Rocket Sled among the selections for best medical posts of the week.

The Happy Hospitalist said, "Where can you read about "doing an Elvis" while looking at pictures of an Air Force Colonel vomiting on himself? There's only one place. The Fitness Fixer. Nice, I tell ya. Nice.

Thank you Happy. Check the post to see that Colonel Stapp is not returning food, but experiencing the deformation forces, first AP (anterior to posterior) meaning his facial skin and deformable soft tissue press inward (or outward), then PA (pushing from the back toward to front). Click Indiana Jones Rocket Sled for that plus more fun things.

In a hospital, Grand Rounds is a lecture for doctors about a patient or topic. On the web, the weekly Grand Rounds is an electronic post that lists its vote for the best the best in online medical writing.
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