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Thank You Distractible Mind's Grand Rounds

Thank you to the blog Musings of a Distractible Mind for including my post New International Academy Using Jolie Bookspan's Methods in this past week's edition of Grand Rounds.
Dr. Rob writes: "Getting fit can prevent the need for drugs... Jolie Bookspan discusses the development of an international academy to certify fitness trainers using her techniques. Congratulations Jolie! People have been telling me that I am certifiable for a long time. I just haven't taken the time to get certified in whatever they are talking about."

Thanks Dr. Rob. More good news is that the Academy and the certifications we will teach are not only for fitness trainers. Physicians, allied health, and all who want to learn healthier ways of moving are welcome to come and learn.

On the web, Grand Rounds is a collection of the best on-line medical posts from the past week. A different host works hard each week to find and list the articles. This is different from the Grand Rounds in a hospital, which is a lecture for doctors about a patient or topic. Thank you to Dr. Rob, this week's host, for doing the hard work of collecting and featuring our posts.

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