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Thank You Code Blog Grand Rounds

Thank you Code Blog for including my post Fixed Injuries, Got Strong, With Functional Exercise - Real Life in this week's edition of Grand Rounds.

On the web, Grand Rounds is a collection of the best on-line medical posts from the past week.

Congratulations Fitness Fixer reader Robert Davis. Your success story was in the list of the best medical posts of the week. Code Blog wrote it was a "story of someone who thought his back pain a double edged sword." Wasn't the article something far better with sweeping information to healthier methods for all training and life itself? Click to find out.

A different host finds and lists Grand Rounds selections articles each week. This is different from the Grand Rounds in a hospital, which is a lecture for doctors about a patient or topic.

Questions come in by the hundreds. I make posts from selected ones. Before asking, see if your answers are already here on Fitness Fixer by clicking labels under posts, links in posts, and archives at right. Read success stories of these methods and send your own. Questions

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