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Stuart Wood has been teaching my work in his Tucson community to retrain healthy movement to reduce the high rate of strain-related injuries. Instead of doing rehab exercises after you strain yourself doing your work, you use healthy movement for your work - the real fitness as a lifestyle.

Here is an update on his water harvesting training - a needed program in arid Arizona:

"Hi Dr. Bookspan, I trained the staff for the Watershed Management Group today it was a lot of fun and they were eager and receptive to learn. Training in this formal setting assuaged some of my fears and gave me confidence. Thanks for your confidence in me it is great to hear.

"I could answer their questions and they just kept coming with more. I encouraged them to keep in touch with me so I could direct them to specific Fitness Fixer entries and support their efforts. Everyone was eager to take the handouts you sent me in the mail and were asking about help for friends (to prevent) back surgeries, etc.

"I took some good pictures and am doing a little photo editing on them. I was very happy afterwards and look forward to doing more of these. I have posted the photos from my training:

"I am going to develop a survey that I can get feedback with using a cool online tool.

"I felt very professional in my AFEM shirt. They were also excited by the prospect of completing modules. Just wanted to send you a short note. I have to go watch dogs now but I'll prepare a complete e-mail and upload the pictures soon for a suitable blog entry. I'm keeping my chin up But not squashing vertebrae :)

Stuart, of course I have confidence in you - you are my Jedi. Keep doing great things.

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