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Stretching With a Friend - Partner Pectoral Stretch

The posts Quick, Feel-Good Upper Back and Chest Stretch and Fixing Upper Back and Neck Pain showed two ways to stretch your upper body in the way most needed - backward, not forward. Today's post gives the same great-feeling, healthful stretch for two, the Partner Pectoral Stretch:

  1. Stand back-to-back, as in the photo, arms outstretched, hands comfortably linked, thumbs face upward.
  2. Don't lean back, arch your back, or jut your neck forward. Stand straight.
  3. One partner gently pulls arms forward, while the second partner allows their arms to stretch backward, letting the chest muscles stretch (left-hand photo).
  4. The idea is not to yank the second partner's shoulder at the joint. Allow the front chest muscles to lengthen. It should only feel good.
  5. Hold for a few seconds while breathing easily, then switch so the second partner who just stretched arms backward, pulls arms forward to stretch the first partner (right hand photo).

Valentine's week Fitness Fixer posts on sharing health began with a fun lower body exercise in Partner Leg Press. Tuesday linked to doing healthier massage. Wednesday told about a sincere meaning of Valentine's Day - teaching a neighbor how to quickly stop painful, frightening back pain and sciatica.

Valentine's day doesn't have to be one day, then forgotten about. It can be the start of healthy interaction between any people and for yourself, for every day, which is the idea of "Fitness as a Lifestyle."

More partner stretches and exercises in the book Healthy Martial Arts

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