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Secret To Get Better and Fitter

What magic secret exercise or machine or supplement makes you fitter?

Fitness Fixer reader Jilly wrote in to ask:

" I am a 65 yr old woman and have no strength in my upper body; I cannot push myself up even by 1 inch but just lie floundering on the floor! How do I start rectifying this to be able to do even a straightforward push up?"

How to get better? Just like anything else, Try. Practice. The body responds. Work and you improve. Money should be that easy.

Remember that Olympic athletes are sore for days after workouts. They fall and fail thousands of times, get back up and work more. Like learning a language - start with nothing, and the more you work, the better you become.

Click the arrow to watch this short video that reminds what practice can achieve:

Everything is Possible - video powered by Metacafe

Retrain your body to move in natural ways, not just in one up/down or side-side motion of gym exercises. Use daily life as your built-in all day strengthener. That is the difference between "doing exercise" then going back to weak unhealthy life, and real healthy living. That is what Fitness Fixer is for.

Have a real life and enjoy the quick gains. Proceed safely, and have fun. Send in your success stories. Stay inspired.

Read and contribute your own success stories of these methods. Questions come in by the hundreds. I make posts from fun ones. Before asking more, see if your answers are already here - click labels under posts, links in posts, archives at right, and the Fitness Fixer Index. For answers to personal medical questions - Replies to Medical Questions.
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