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Dr. Auerbach of the Wilderness Medicine blog wrote an important post for the many requests we get for personalized medical replies. Internet articles are not intended as a substitute for care from your own providers. We don't diagnose, treat, make medical claims, persuade or dissuade anyone about seeking medical attention. Dr. Auerbach's post was so well said, I echo it here for readers of Fitness Fixer:
"A fair number of comments from readers of this blog come in the form of clinical questions, in which someone asks for a response to a personal medical question. While I would like to be able to answer most of these, it is difficult to do that without more complete information, and in the absence of being able to examine the patient(s).

"When a question or comment raises an issue or point of interest that is important for everyone, then I will try to address the topic in a separate post, rather than as an isolated answer to a question. In this way, more people can benefit.

"Thanks for being a reader, and for your understanding."

Understand the purpose of techniques given here before trying them, and never if they hurt. No one should hurt themselves to be healthy. More information to help, and options for questions and feedback on my web site
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