Reader Success - Using Good Bending For Shoveling Snow
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Reader Success - Using Good Bending For Shoveling Snow

Austin shoveling snow 

About two feet of snow fell over the weekend in the Northeast US. I got a lovely Christmas card shortly after. I wrote back to thank the sender for remembering me.

KathyB replied,

"I not only remembered you, I've had you on my mind, as I so often do. I was thinking on Sunday, after I'd shoveled snow for 3 hours straight without hurting my back, and again yesterday when I did another half hour, that you gave me a gift that just keeps on giving, that I'll NEVER forget what you've done for me, and I thought how wonderful it must be to be able to do something like that for people.

"I wish you and Paul the very best always,


Kathy - you make it all worthwhile.
Kathy writes well. In fact, she is a professional mystery writer. I will ask her to tell us about some of her exciting books in the future.

In 2006 KathyB stopped 13 years of back pain using my work. She describes what she did in the comments of:

She checked good bending habits for her back and inflamed Achilles tendon in the comments of:

She brought up important questions in the comments of:

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