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Reader Success With Functional Fitness Training - Stronger Ankles, Better Balance

Here is a good start to October. I had invited readers to send in names for my group Functional Fitness Training program (tentatively named FFT) and success stories using it. Reader Paul J sent in both. He wrote:

"I don't think I can come up with a better name than FFT.

"Some ideas….let's see,

"Simple Training Big Benefits. (The toe balance training is great; I suppose a success story is in order.)
Bookspan's Basic Training.
Bookspan's Body Basics.
Basic Fitness Training
Basic Functional Fitness
Jolie's Joint Jewels (That has a nice ring to it, it might be good for something like a list.)
Functional Physical Training.

"Well, what do you think, any keepers?"

Readers - votes? The "Basic Functional Fitness" name has the advantage (as does "Bookspan Functional Fitness") of the initials BFF, young person lingo for "Best Friend Forever."

Paul J. continued with his success story:

"I have been doing your toe balance training and have noticed some interesting things. Before I learned your toe balance training I would usually stand on one foot to put my sock on and had decent balance from martial arts, but felt my ankles were weak. I even bought a BOSU and it may have helped, but you have to be on it, to get a benefit from it. I remember the first time I tried your technique and how quickly my right foot tried to roll out.

"Thanks to your simple do-anywhere training my ankles are stronger and my balance is much better. The other day stepping out of the tub I had such an odd sense of stability when standing on just my right foot, I looked at my ankle. My general balance has improved too. I have a folding bike with 20” wheels and for the past 3 years hands free was a very bad idea, just the other day it was quite easy. All though to some this may still be a bad idea, it was done in a nice low traffic neighborhood.

"May your favorite physiologist have a fun Friday afternoon. : ) "

Thank you Paul J.

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