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Quick Fix?

When is "quick fix" not a bad thing? When something is not right, there are times to make it right, then and there.

The health, injury prevention, and physical rehabilitation methods I developed are designed to quickly identify and stop sources of injury and poor health. The idea is to begin the benefits right then. It doesn't mean to substitute another problem, but put good practices to work intelligently and quickly.

Ivy from New Zealand first found The Fitness Fixer a few years ago when looking for information to fix serious sciatica and drop foot. Click Inspirational Ivy to see how she quickly stopped the pain, and how her neighbor took the photos used for that post and the updates Ivy has been sending since then. She wrote:
" You can imagine my joy when after 2 days I was free of pain. I was so excited that I contacted Dr Jolie, who in turn, took time out from her busy schedule to e-mail me giving me further advice and exercises which I might add, I follow religiously"

In a recent e-mail to me, Ivy brought up the idea of people wanting quick fixes. I am all for it. If something is wrong or bad, don't leave it that way. Mistakes become habit over time. It is quick to stop much pain and poor health by simple actions.

If something is causing injury or poor health, it makes no sense to allow it to linger. When medicine and fitness aren't healthy, fix it.

Quick ideas to keep quick fixes healthy:
More on Fixing Causes:

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