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Readers, thank you for making Fitness Fixer a highly read and useful health site. Positive response has been considerable. E-mails and success stories steadily come in of readers reclaiming health mobility, fixing pain, having fun, and accomplishing their dreams using these methods.

As you read this, we have been away the past week traveling for work, and are somewhere in Europe. Over the next several days, we will be on our way back to Asia. For the next two months in Asia, I will check in and post article for you from Internet cafes as we make our way through work, and travel on overnight trains and ferries.

  • If you have a success story with photos for me to post, e-mail me your story and how to access your photo sharing site, if you have one, to get your photos to put in the post.

  • If you are e-mailing me photos for your success stories, send small jpgs so my e-mail does not fill, and so I can directly upload them for posts without finding a graphics program to resize them.

  • Continue to leave comments of your successes with these methods.

If you have questions, check for posts already here on Fitness Fixer, and the Index. I won't have access to Internet or e-mail for the next week. I won't receive comments until after that.

I am not the moderator for comments. I cannot choose which comments are put through. The staff at Healthline uploads comments when they can. When you send a comment, it will not appear right away. It goes first to Healthline staff. We don't post comments that are advertisements, just ones for learning healthy things.

It may be several days before your comment becomes visible, then several more until I am able to get to an Internet café where I can see them and write replies. Blogger has been having troubles. It is not always uploading photos, and sometimes it does not allow me to reply to comments. Readers - write your helpful comments to each other.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to Russian Orthodox readers -
S nastupaiushchim Novym godom i s Rozhdestvom Khristovym,
to Greek Orthodox celebrating Epiphany - Hronia polla kai eytyhismenos o kainourios hronos, with Armenian, Ethiopian, and other Eastern Rite readers.
To communities celebrating Three Kings Day, Twelfth Night, and everyone - healthy peace together. Add your greeting to the comments. I hope that covers everyone.


Read success stories and send your own.

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