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Patience and Pomegranates

Here is Fast Friday Fitness - practice patience and peel pomegranates for hand dexterity, and the antioxidants and fiber you can't get from juice.

It's pomegranate season. For the next few months, look for red, round fruit with edible seeds, called arils, prized for health benefits:

  1. Cut each end off thinly, enough to reach white pulp without cutting into the arils
  2. Score the peel into quarter cuts with a knife, enough to reach white pulp without cutting into the arils. The idea is to make it easy to break open into four quarters.
  3. Finger the arils from the cut sections into a bowl. Discard the whitish sectional pulp into a bowl or compost heap.
Photos still not loading. Please use imagination exercise.

It may take as much as 5 minutes to patiently tease out the arils. Good for practicing breathing, and good posture while standing over a counter.

Eat the sweet, slightly tart arils with a spoon. They are crunchy and juicy.

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