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No More Crunches No More Back Pain

The new expanded third edition is now available of the training manual, The Ab Revolution™ No More Crunches No More Back Pain.

The Ab Revolution™ is a groundbreaking core training method. It has two components. The first is to learn how to consciously use your core to reposition your spine away from injurious positioning and into healthful position for back pain control during everything you do. The second component uses the new healthy positioning during innovative exercises for fun, healthy, exercise that works your muscles more than conventional core training and works them in functional ways - training them in the way they need to work in real life.

The Ab Revolution™ uses no forward bending which pressures discs and reinforces the rounded upper spine that contributes to pain syndromes.

I rearched the method over many years in the lab and in real life with several thousands of students, patients, and participants, testing combinations of established and proven sports medicine rehabilitation techniques and physical training methods, then integrating them into real activities. I will present some of the research next week at the meeting of the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM). The Ab Revolution™ is in use around the world at top spine centers and by athletes and military. SEAL teams say, "We use it - (we can't tell you our names, we'd have to kill you with our bare abs)."

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