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New Years Resolutions for Fitness Success - Reader Hall of Fame

Happy New Year to readers on the Gregorian Calendar.

Happy day to the rest.

For your New Year's Resolutions, here are real stories from readers that appeared here on Fitness Fixer.

Readers tell how they used these methods for stronger, healthier, pain free, happy, more active life:

Creating Healthy World-Wide Programs
  • Physical therapist George Nakhlé is assisting me to develop an entire new International Academy of Functional Sports Medicine using my methods.
  • David of Belgium developed and teaches an improved new yoga system. He presented it at a world yoga congress. His system corrects for the widespread pain syndromes from flexion overuse, and reduces the cause instead of adhering to set ritual pose sequences - Getting the Right Yoga Medicine. He continues to translate my work into Dutch, create links for posts to reach world audiences, and make dozens of photos and videos for Fitness Fixer posts.
  • Dr. Clara Hsu teaches Fitness Fixer methods to patients in her practice, prescribes my website, gives my books as presents around the world, and has offered her office space to hold workshops for our new International Academy - How Doctors Help Patients With Fitness Fixer and How Doctors Use The Wall Stand.
  • Mr. America, Jim Morris, internationally encourages goodness and my Ab Revolution retraining technique - Mr. America Urges Goodness and Responsibility


Readers Getting Strong With Functional Exercise


Fixing Foot Drop and Sciatica


Fixing Neck and Upper Back Pain/Arm Numbness


Division 1 Athlete Finds the Secret to Fixing Postural Pain

Fixing 8 Years of Neck Pain and Dizziness

Readers Fix Their Shoulder Pain


Readers Fix Herniated Discs


Fixing Lower Back Pain From Hyperlordosis (overarching/swayback)


Recovered From Failed Surgeries


Staying Mobile Against Cancer


Saving Money Living Better


Fixing Knee Pain and Fallen Arches


Fixing Lower Back Pain From Biking


Sense of Humor


Fixing General Lower Back Pain From Bad Bending


Fixing Hip Pain and Stiffness


Restoring Functional Range of Motion


Helped Their Kids


Improving Function in Extreme Environments


Lost Weight, Improved Nutrition


Stopping Pain From Scoliosis and Arthritis


Fixing Wrist Pain


Strengthened Self Discipline and Self-Respect


Fixing the Cause, Not Just Symptoms


How to Remember Health


Maintaining Balance and Agility


Readers Helping Others


Fixed Everything

Thank you everyone for using my methods for Good. Thank you for writing your stories for others to benefit. Congratulations on your great work.

Thank you readers Mim, Kate, Al, Kathy, Julia, PhatMac, Eddie, Carol, Dave, Tony, Anton, Terry Lee, Airchild, Teresa, Nina, Marina, Wondering Oriental, 9Volt Terry, Alberto (farioreo), Kip, Lee, Ness, Jayakrishnan, Michael LMT CNMT who gives his massage clients the Fitness Fixer and my professional website as their homework, and all the others who wrote their success stories in the comments of various posts.

Hundreds more, too shy to have their story online, mailed me the best thanks - that because of these methods, they had their lives back.

Happy New Year


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