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New International Academy Using Jolie Bookspan's Methods

Physical therapist George Nakhlé from Lebanon runs sports medicine and physical therapy training seminars using my research and methods. He will be joining the efforts of the new International Academy of Functional Sports Medicine where students can earn certification in several methods.

Mr. Nakhlé wrote me:
"I live in Lebanon and I have ordered many of your books. I am sure that your ideas are the true ones.

"I told the Order of Physiotherapists in Lebanon about you and I gave them your biography. They were VEDDY VEDDY happy to have you teaching us your lovely methods.

"The (first) seminar was titled "Muscular Functions and Training" for 15 hrs and focused on the training of the major muscles... Before one week of the seminar, I studied and even memorized "Health and Fitness 3rd edition" and I was able to explain and answer almost all of the questions even though the participants were well educated.

"There was a 4th-year physical therapy student between the participants and he was amazed about the information given. All others were also amazed from the information especially those about metabolism .. "Health and Fitness 3rd edition" was my strongest weapon in this seminar which took place in Beirut on 13-14 Sep 2008."

Photos are still not loading.
Please check back soon to see Mr. Nakhlé and classes.

In the photo (coming soon, we hope), Mr. Nakhlé demonstrates a "forward head" (and so does the model) so you can recognize it. The forward head is an often-missed cause of upper back, shoulder, and neck pain, sometimes called upper crossed syndrome. It is not a medical problem, but a bad posture that is easy to fix without drugs, surgery, or treatments. Start by clicking this link and click the links in that post for more. His seminar students will be pictured below (soon).

Mr. Nakhlé continues:
"I always read the Fitness Fixer index. I have managed a seminar for fitness trainers from 3 weeks, I relied mainly on your books. I gave the trainers a certificate of attendance signed from me but their are many others who prefer a foreign certificate. Can we do something like that in the future?"

Since then, Mr. Nakhle has joined the International Academy of Functional Sports Medicine since then, renames the Academy of Functional Exercise Medicine (AFEM). Planning has begin to run World Congresses with internationally attended exercise medicine seminars, and certifications in several training and rehabilitation methods for medical personnel, allied health, physical therapists, fitness instructors, and the public. I have taught these classes for many years. Now there are opportunities for certification. A Fellow advancement program is available to physicians and researchers.

The organization is not for profit or personal gain. It is non-sectarian and dedicated to peace and health of all. I will be donating time and resources for classes and help to elderly and children of the world.

If you are interested to help through your good ideas and talents, or be part of this organization, let us know. I hope to post more about the Academy and certifications as we develop it.

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Photos courtesy of Mr. George Nakhlé
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