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By the time this post comes out, we hope to be making our way across Colorado. We are on our way to teach Fun Workshops in Colorado in July.

I won't have e-mail access to get or reply to comments for the next two weeks. Enjoy the posts that will come over the next weeks, and click the links in the posts for more. With close to 400 Fitness Fixer posts already on-line, your questions may already be here in the posts and the many comments. At any time I may be writing replies to comments that regularly come in on any of the posts.

David from Belgium is a talented computer programmer who donated his time to fix my new Fitness Fixer Index. Keep your browser window wide for best results, and check back often for updates.

Paul and I will be backpacking until reaching the conference in Snowmass Colorado. A reader asked (for some reason) if I use rolling luggage. Gee, no. I wear a backpack I got at a garage sale for $15. Sometimes Paul and I share one pack, since beyond a spare t-shirt and jeans and one shared comb, there isn't much more we need, and food takes up most of the bag space and weight. We don't carry a tent and I don't usually use a ground cloth. I am happy enough sleeping on the ground. Paul is so tall that one pair of size 17 sneakers and 38" inseam jeans take up most of the pack. The rest of the time, Paul carries what we call the neutron knapsack. In his giant hands, he rolls and compresses a pair of jeans and some t-shirts into molecule size to fit in a regular small pack. We have to supply our own computer and projector to teach at the conference (or pay rental fee) so pack them in ourselves. The heavy pack may have conference equipment and books to teach the courses, plus a t-shirt for the 2 weeks :-)

Some ideas on making simple personal care items like toothpaste, hair care, and sunblock for travel:

For pain prevention carrying backpacks:

Ankle and foot health for hiking and daily life:

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Photo of Jolie who does most climbing barefoot, by Paul

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