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Contest - Name The New Feature on Fitness Terminology

Here is a fun new contest - can you think of a great name for a new Fitness Fixer feature?

In December, a reader helped me know that perhaps others beside himself do not know basic names of body parts and processes. "Anonymous" felt that the muscle names submitted to the Sit Up Straight contest were "impenetrable." He wrote:

"I think his answer, which may be 100% technically correct, is 0% helpful for most people without a degree in physiology. The great thing about this website is that it converts medical mumbo jumbo into accessible language (including visual language).

I replied:

"Dear Anonymous, Thank you for instructing me that other readers too, may not recognize basic body parts and what they do.

"No degrees should be needed to know fundamentals about yourself. Just like knowing common car parts, you can prevent unneeded repairs, and being fooled by sales pitches.

"I took your good idea in the next article after this one, I added a description why a muscle was named and how to understand its action by the name - Fast Fitness - Mobilize and Strengthen With Serratus PushUps. I plan others to follow."

It is not only people "without degrees" who don't know basic body parts and functions. Often, trainers, instructors, even doctors, do not know either. They just repeat the same myths they have read and heard.

The new feature will explain how muscles got their names, movement names like flexion and extension, and body processes that are often misunderstood and repeated in pop fitness, and in health care and medicine.

This new feature can be a fun way readers can understand and benefit, not like in school where it is often is just lists of terms and definitions you don't recognize or care about.

What shall we call it?

Some ideas:

Basic Body Terms
What Does That Mean? - Then the term goes here…
Understanding Health Words

Reader Paul J submitted these:

“How it works”
“How the body works”
“Body works”
“Bookspan’s Body Works”
“Bookspan’s Body Brain Booster”
“The Brain Booster”
“Say, what?”
“What Did The Doctor Say?”
“Under the Skin”

Submit your entries in the comments below - make the titles descriptive, helpful, smart. Hurry so we can begin this new feature.


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