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Mr. America Appointed Academy Practitioner

Mr. Jim Morris won the Mr. Universe title in 1977, was inducted into the Physical Fitness Hall Of Fame with Bill Pearl and Jack Lalanne in 1978, won Mr. Olympia Masters in 1996, and other awards.

He continues bodybuilding at age 73, able and active, encouraging healthful nutrition and exercise practices, and responsible living.

For his ongoing positive teaching, he has been appointed as a Practitioner of the Academy of Functional Exercise Medicine. The Academy is the teaching arm of my practice, which works for a smart healthy world.

Mr. America write to us:

"Dr. Bookspan,

"I am so thrilled to be so honored.

"The Academy is the “missing voice” in the litany of exercise noise. The goal of improving daily life should be foremost in our priorities. Just as an athlete perfects a movement we should continually be looking to better those things we do constantly. As always you are at the forefront of thinking and implementing. Congratulations on the new Academy and the best of luck with it. I am honored to be placed in so exalted a position and shall cherish it.


Mr. Morris was first featured in Fitness Fixer in:

Mr. America Urges Goodness and Responsibility

The Academy of Functional Exercise Medicine was initially formed as a sports medicine academy, then expanded and renamed.
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