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Moving More is Fun

The human body is healthiest and happiest when it moves throughout the day. Reader Paul J sent this video clip of a project in Sweden, reminding people how much movement can be fun: Click > arrow to play:


Medicines prescribed for poor mood and the surprising number of diseases caused by sedentary lifestyle, frequently cause disease and despondency. Real life movement throughout the day has been found more effective than pills and surgery to reduce or solve depression, obesity, heart disease, high blood pressure, reduce risk and effects of cancer, and other diseases.

Remember to enjoy moving. Go dancing. Skating. Play ball and Frisbee. Do community work. Pick up litter. Help a shut in. Fun doesn't only mean being entertained. Make doing good for yourself and community a positive fun feeling.

What projects can you think of to make real life active, healthy, and fun again, not just artificial movements in a gym? My Academy- the Academy of Functional Exercise Medicine (AFEM) teaches people and communities healthier ways to live - both in formal classes and grassroots community projects - click AFEM.

Fun Lifestyle Through Fitness Fixer:

Lifestyle Exercise Shouldn't Be Unhealthy:

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