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Mothers Day and New Parents Back and Neck Savers

Readers, patients, and students have asked me for years to write down for them about good lifting and bending over babies and children. I wrote articles and books. I did experiments in the lab. They still said they couldn't remember. So I made something for all of you. You can give these to everyone in need for Mothers and Fathers days, coming up, and all year.

Here it is, quicker and easier than reading the books:

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I designed singlets and one-piece suits for infants, T-shirts for toddlers and children, various sizes and colors.

One student had asked me to write down and hang the information around her neck so she would have an easy way to remember all the time. So I made a bib too - for the baby - so she could see it each time she bent to feed and lift.

I was surprised people wouldn't just remember on their own to live in a way so important to their health. But they kept coming back asking for me to tell them again. I am drawing the various concepts and putting them on daily items as funny reminders. I will show them in future posts if readers are interested.

Click the photo or go to this site for all the educational gifts designed so far - Send your requests for other ways to have fun health built in to daily memory.


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