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Logo Design Contest for New International Sports Medicine Academy

In November, we announced a new International Sports Medicine Academy. The now renamed International Academy of Functional Exercise Medicine (AFEM) was formed to provide:

  • Evidence-based education in functional physical medicine, sports medicine including diving medicine, and rehabilitation, changing exercise and medicine to healthier ways,
  • Internationally attended sports medicine congresses,
  • Certifications for physicians, allied health, physical therapists, fitness instructors, massage professionals, and the public,
  • Fellow advancement opportunities for physicians and researchers.

We are non-sectarian and dedicated to peace and health of all. We accept no advertising from unhealthful "health and sports" products. Part of course tuitions go to medical research, charity, and elderly help.

We are holding a contest to design the Academy logo. Winning logo will be seen internationally with credit to the designer. Logo designs should be simple, incorporate the concepts of brains and functional strength. Other concepts and ideas welcome.

If you are interested to help through your logo design submission, or other good ideas and talents, or be part of this organization, let me know. Be prepared to have fun and use your brain.

To see how, the new Academy web site is



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