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Less Pain Means a Happier Lisa

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Reader Lisa H wrote in:
"I had not (previously) successfully implemented healthy movement habits. Your books are allowing me to comprehend the importance of doing so. This knowledge is permitting me to enjoy the benefits that come from less pain. Less pain means a happier Lisa. Moreover, since everyone enjoys happy people, anyone involved with me appreciates my enhanced education.

" You give your readers hope and allow us to strive for healing. You must tire of hearing this from everyone you help.

"I have read many publications regarding stretching and strengthening but none ever caused me to contemplate "living" rather than practicing the "postures." I have stopped many of the exercises and stretches "believed" to be essential to improving back health (they were hurting), and enjoy the exercises and stretches in your books.

"It is enchanting to have the opportunity to thank you for sending me personalized copies of your marvelous publications.

"With Kindest Regards,
Lisa H."

There is no need to "live with pain" or try to use varieties of techniques to distract you when it hurts. Instead, fix the source of the pain, then the damage can heal and the pain not return, because you have stopped the daily repeated unhealthy motions that cause them. Healthy movement is for all you do all day - that is fitness as a lifestyle, not doing little repetitions or sets or reps in the gym or during commercials. To get started, click the related posts below. The label "reader inspiring stories" lists reader stories, not as testimonials, but tutorials. Enjoy getting your life back.

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